DIP promotes a team led environment, where no one person’s ideas will speak for the group. Anyone can help organize a DIP event or initiative. We additionally have several named leadership positions (described below) to facilitate organization and communication within DIP and our department. These are yearly positions, and any interested graduate student can volunteer. Nominations and/or elections will take place in spring quarter for the next year’s positions.

Leadership Positions

  • Meeting Leader
    • central organizer for the group; facilitates weekly meetings and oversees DIP activities
  • Secretary
    • records and distributes meeting minutes; distributes DIP created documents to the department
  • Treasurer
    • manages DIP department account
  • Board Members
    • 2 – 4 people, collaborative positions
    • shared duties may include, but are not limited to: advertising meetings and setting agendas, keeping track of yearly and quarterly DIP activities, making flyers and posters, updating the website
  • GradOPS Diversity Representative
    • liaison between DIP and GradOPS; keeps track of joint DIP/GradOPS initiatives

Current Leadership for 2021 – 2022